Code of Governance for 

Christine Buckley Centre for Education and Support CLG 

We the trustees of Christine Buckley Centre for Education and Support CLG hereby agree to adhere to the Code of Governance for Christine Buckley Centre for Education and Support CLG in compliance with the six principles outlined by the Charities Regulator Code of  Governance. 

1) Advancing the charitable purpose of Christine Buckley Centre for Education and Support  CLG (CBCES) 

This charitable purpose is declared in our following mission statement: 

To provide a place of welcome, dignity, safety and respect where all survivors of institutions can feel supported and empowered and participate in a healing journey as they endeavour to rebuild their lives and find the peace and justice they truly deserve. 

We aim to achieve this through education, personal development, holistics and creativity in a community setting. Our centre will always be a place where people are not alone or made to feel different and also where they benefit from peer support. 

2) Behaving with Integrity 

As trustees, we will act independently in the interest of CBCES and not act in our own personal interest. We promise to treat all board matters with confidentiality about their sensitivity. 

We understand that this requirement for confidentiality does not apply if it becomes necessary for a CBCES trustee to inform the Charities Regulator about any matter which could threaten the future of the charity. 

3) Leading People 

We recognise as trustees that we are responsible for providing leadership to volunteers employees and contractors. This includes taking our duty of care towards these people seriously and promoting a culture of respect in keeping with our mission statement. 

4) Exercising Control 

We understand that as charity trustees we are responsible for making sure that the constitution of Christine Buckley Centre for Education and Support CLG is a legally binding document. We are responsible for the funds and other assets owned by  Christine Buckley Centre for Education and Support CLG. We also pledge to be vigilant in identifying and addressing risks to which CBCES may be exposed in order to minimise any identifiable risks. 

5) Working effectively

As trustees, we recognise that it is important to ensure a good mix of skills including those of survivors, professionals and people with experience as directors or trustees.  We also recognise that as trustees we need to ensure that we stay up to date with good practice for charity trustees.  

We promise to disclose where we have any personal or business interests that may relate to those of CBCES we will not to engage in any decisions equating to a conflict of interest.  

Our board will include a chairperson, secretary and treasurer. We annually review the board’s skill requirements and finances. Each director will retire every two years but may offer themselves for re-election until they have served four terms when their term will cease. From 2021 the maximum number of terms will reduce to three.  

6) Being accountable and transparent 

We will report to our main funder HSE by way of quarterly reports on the activities and finances of CBCES. These quarterly reports will also be made available to any other stakeholders and in addition, we will file our annual report with the Charities Regulator and our audited accounts with the Companies Registration Office.