How we Help

Our Christine Buckley Centre for Education and Support offers a congenial meeting place where our staff, clients also other survivors' groups and volunteers are on hand to listen to and address survivors’ concerns and anxieties.

Moving On


We provide support for efforts by survivors to move on with their lives through developing new skills, changing life styles, connecting with their families and coping with legacy issues such as addictive behavior.

Our centre aims to be a haven where survivors can feel at home with others who have had similar experiences. For Learning to be an enjoyable, life enhancing experience, no matter what age but it is especially beneficial for those who as children missed out

on the benefits of education due to abuse, child labour or family traumas.

A learning environment offers a message of hope and developing new skills generates a sense of self worth and confidence to cope with other challenges in life. Over time we would hope all survivors will develop trust in associates, family and other supportive organisations and charities, such as ours.

Other Agencies

We also offer assistance to survivors to deal with both state and non-governmental agencies.  This includes assistance with securing social welfare and other entitlements, accessing health services, applications for housing, liaison with case workers, accessing counselling, applications and liaison with Caranua.

In this way which can assist survivors in reclaiming their sense of self worth and taking control of their lives. Our Centre’s support is not confined to survivors who qualified for redress but also extends to survivors of abuse in other institutions including survivors of Mother and Baby homes also including Magdalene Laundries.

Our Centre promotes the respect for the acknowledgement of the truth of the pain and trauma suffered by survivors and their yearning to have their true stories listened to.