As a voluntary organisation we require regular vetted volunteers and also need donations funding to assist with the operational costs of running our classes and our clients' survivors support services. Therefore we would rely on your good nature and generosity to keep our doors open.  

If you would like to make a valued and greatly appreciated contribution to our cause, please contact us at or call us on 01 8725771.

As a registered charity, Christine Buckley Centre for Education and Support CLG, we would accept donations and also benefit from the Irish Charitable Donations Scheme via some tax refunds when individual donors notify Revenue of their donations. ​Further Revenue information here

Registered Charity Number: 20141646

CHY: 13497     CRO: 330953

We also try to organise a number of volunteering and fundraising events during the year to raise awareness among the volunteering community and raise much-needed funds. One successful fundraising event in 2017 was a Charity Cycle and raffles organised on behalf of the charity Aware and also our charity Christine Buckley Education and Support Centre for survivors of Institutional Abuse.


For information on how to get involved in volunteering at the centre please contact us. Thank you.